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Happy Patients in Huehuetenango!

San Sebastián Coatán, Huehuetenango September 12, 2019


By this means I am pleased to greet each one of you who kindly support the Midwifery in Guatemala, I hope you are in good health.

I, María, student of Midwifery, feel blessed to be part of the association, I am happy because once again I will have the opportunity to attend the workshop on October 16 to 20 of this year.
The workshops you have given us are a reason to continue fighting and realize the importance of serving the community especially those women who need it most, during the three years I have been studying I have gone through difficult times, but thank God, you and others who have motivated me to fight every day.
I want to thank infinitely for the birth team, for the Doppler, for the hemoglobinometer and for the rest that have sponsored me, all the material has helped me, in June of this year I was visiting a pregnant woman from whom I could take a blood sample, I am happy to see that her hemoglobin and hematocrit is in normal range.
In the same month I visited another pregnant woman who was four months pregnant, I did a blood test and it turns out that the hemoglobin is at 12 and the hematocrit does not show a percentage of clinical anemia, also because of her physical appearance.

I had the opportunity to visit another pregnant woman of 34 years of multigestation age, with 35 weeks of gestation according to uterine height, does not know her date of last menstruation, she has been asked for laboratories and ultrasound, but refuses to go for lack of economic resources, she is underweight, she was tested for Hb: 12.5 Htc, no percentage mark, paleness palmar, so she was diagnosed with clinical anemia.
On September 12 of this year another pregnant woman of 18 years of age was visited, 38 weeks of gestation according to uterine height, she does not know probable date of delivery, according to ultrasound her probable date of delivery is September 18, she is underweight, paleness palmar, in the blood test Hb: 12.7 and Htc not mark, she was diagnosed clinical anemia.
Thanks to the hemoglobinometer I was able to perform blood tests and diagnose three pregnant women with clinical anemia, it is unfortunate to see that the economic resource is one of the main causes, since they can not perform laboratories and ultrasound because they do not have money to travel. Seeing the situation is sad sometimes I would like to have everything to support those who need it, but I do not have money, the only way to help them is to make visits, take vital signs and raise awareness.

Also thanks for the Doppler I have been able to make visits to pregnant women and make them listen to their baby’s heart, without these materials I would not have been able to achieve success with the visits. For this reason I am deeply grateful to you for your great support.

Dejo algunas fotos como evidencia de mi progreso como estudiante de Partería en mi comunidad.

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